Based in Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin and Shanghai, China.
Our team and associates have expertise across a broad range of sectors, including International Trade, International Finance, Brand creation and Brand building, Trademark protection, Venture Capital & Private Equity; Technology, Transport and Logistics. We are experienced with the culture of doing business in China and have been successfully executing trades and deals in the country. Sinowei officially represents Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and Chinese government commercial Departments. We have a network of hundreds of distributors, retailers, wholesalers, businesses and online e-tailers throughout China. We have delivered contracts and business for companies and brands without the need to visit China. Originally, Sinowei’s trading markets were mainly in Europe. Sinowei represents many of the world’s leading European manufacturers and has private label contracts with the UK and Irish retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Musgrave, Dunnes, etc. In addition, Sinowei develops branded products for companies in the UK, Ireland and the US.


Euro Foods is an online supermarket, it makes it easy for anyone, no matter where they are in China, to access European quality food and drink brands - in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. You can choose from over 200 products of popular and high quality European grocery brands, from Whiskey to snacks - we can deliver them all straight to your doorstep.

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